Higher Lanhainsworth

Our Facilities

Making your stay comfortable.


At Higher Lanhainsworth we aim to make your stay as relaxed and comfortable as possible.  All our Piches are Supersized measuring 10 x 10 metres. We have 5 Combo Pitches which are for tourers and motorhomes and are half grass & half hardstanding.  Each combo pitch benefits from,


Personal Pitch Tap

16 Amp Electrical Hookup

Grey Water Waste

Freeview TV Hookup

SkyHD/Freesat Hookup

Complimentary Guest WIFI

High Speed WIFI - Charges Apply

TVless TV


We then have 10 grass camping pitches, all supersized 10 x 10 metres.  Each camping pitch benifits from,


6 Amp Electrical Hookup

Complimentary Guest WIFI

High Speed WIFI - Charges Apply

TVless TV


Use of the hookups are included in the cost of the pitch and are used subject to our terms and conditions.

The site supervisor is on hand if you require assistance.


We have a small ladies & gents toilet block onsite which is accessible 24/7 along with 3 unisex hot shower pods.


For brown waste, we have a disposal point centraly located on the site.


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At Higher Lanhainsworth you can bring your creature comforts with you.  Our Premier Pitches come complete with your own Terestrial & Twin Satellite TV Hookups.  Just bring your box from home and whether it's Freeview, Freesat or Sky+HD just plug in, sit back and enjoy.  We will even loan you the hookup cable for free if you don't have your own.


No need to mess around with wobbly ground mount dishes and unreliable aerial signals, it's a perfect picture every time.


Don't go without ...


Guest WIFI is available free of charge and available across the site, limited to sessions of 30 minutes per day.  Just right for looking up directions, checking emails and general surfing activities.


Stay Connected



WIFI with attitude!

For the TV Streamers, Game Players or Continuous Surfers we can offer an upgrade to site wide High Speed WIFI.  Enjoy download speeds of up to 15MB with no time limits.  


Packages can be purchased on demand or at the point of booking your stay.  Prices start from as little as £3 for 5GB of quota.

Terms & Conditions Apply


TVless TV

Something a bit different

Watch your favourite programs from the comfort of your Caravan, Motorhome or from your warm and cosy sleeping bag in your tent - all without bringing a TV!  Here at Higher Lanhainsworth, we're trialling something that we are calling TVless TV.  Using just a compatible tablet pc, iproduct or android device you can logon to our server and watch live Freeview TV.  An app called Sat>IP needs to installed* on your device (see links below) and once on our WIFI network, just fire up the app and away you go!


SatIP1 app googleplay

* Apps are installed at your own risk.  While other apps may work with our system, we recommend Sat>IP